Start-up presentation: DUCKTRAIN

DUCKTRAIN, a PEM spin-off, also attended the 5P Investors Day to present their project. 
DUCKTRAIN is an electric driven, autonomous trailer solution for urban transportation with the particularity that the trailers have no physical connection. They follow each other based on automotive grade autonomous driving technology.
DUCKTRAIN is able to reach volume and payload of conventional cargo vehicles. Another advantage: DUCKTRAIN fits seamlessly into dense city areas: zero exhaust, quiet, narrow and extremly manoeuvrable.


Start-up presentation: CABBi

Today we introduce our project partner CABBi, who was also able to pitch at the 5P Investors Day.

The product is a light vehicle for comfortable and safe inner city travel. Due to its classification as an electric bike, one can ride with it on the bicycle path. Nevertheless, it is large enough to carry two people or luggage. In addition, a roof protects against bad weather conditions.


PEM at the Companies Night

We are delighted that we were able to meet so many interested applicants at the Companies NightCompanies Night yesterday. Great event!