The automation of logistics processes both in protected environments (for example in the area of ​​production and logistics) as well as in the public sector offers considerable potential. On the one hand, corresponding processes can be depicted more efficiently and thus more economically; on the other hand, certain business and operating models can only be realized with a certain degree of automation. Both in company and urban areas full electric vehicles are being offered due to their vehicle-related characteristics and their emission behavior. These can take over tasks from the areas of personal transport and freight transport, as well as from the area of ​​distribution logistics.

We are happy to support you in the development, evaluation and finally prototypical implementation of specific (highly) automated vehicle and operating concepts. The focus is on overall system conception as well as environmental recognition and decision-making / behavior planning. In the various projects, we work with partners from industry and research in order to combine competences depending on the particular task.

Several test environments are available to us in our network and through our cooperation partners. This includes both the early commissioning and testing as well as the presentation of realistic operating environments and the examination of user acceptance.


We offer support in the following three core areas:

  • Business Model development
  • Business Case assessment
  • Prototyping and testing