"Temporary failure is certainly part of our approach. But losing is definitely not."

Fairy tales begin with "Once upon a time"; but success stories begin with "There will be a time". From the StreetScooter primotype, a delivery vehicle was born that was practical and environmentally friendly. What’s next? Deutsche Post is planning a green future and StreetScooter is an integral part of that plan.

The next big thing from the concepts and development shop of RWTH Aachen is a hip, incredibly fun speedster. That’s precisely why e.Go Mobile AG was created.

Read more about the StreetScooter vision.


How to find a name for the PEM running team

After we had quite a few good ideas, we decided to let the darts pick one. This year PEMobilize will run 7.20 kilometres and PEMpers runners 9.60 kilometres at thecompany run in Aachen in September.


Greetings from PEM Mexico!

There isn‘t only PEM Aachen. We also have a Mexican location where we address current issues on the Mexican industry.