Alemania impulsará la electromovilidad en México

Un artículo sobre nuestro trabajo en México ha sido publicado en Automotive News Mexico.


Start-up presentation: BETTERFLOW

BETTERFLOW, a young company from Aachen and our project partner, had the opportunity to present its products and vision at the 5P Investors Day.

The BETTERFLOW team recognized that the energy balance of many commercial vehicles is very bad due to the high air resistance. Since 2014, the company has been developing products that optimize the aerodynamics of semitrailers. The BETTERFLOW rear wing system, which can already be ordered, enables a significant reduction in diesel consumption and thus a reduction in CO2 emissions and costs. The air resistance of the vehicles will be further improved by the introduction of further add-on parts in 2019. BETTERFLOW uses the entire aerodynamic potential of the trucks.


Start-up presentation: REAC Energy

Our project partner REAC Energy presented its StreamCube at the 5P Investors Day.
StreamCube is a patented unique and revolutionary concept to harvest energy from ultra-low-head rivers and tidal ranges at lowes cost per kWh, down to 8ct per kWh.
REAC wants to offer a predictable base load, fish friendliness and the modular plug-and-play approach.